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A guide to wedding skincare

At Dermanude Skin Clinic in Hale, Manchester, I offer a variety of Skincare Wedding Packages to help brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride (and all those involved in your special day) feel their best.

Start early 

Whether you’re the bride, groom, mother of the bride or bridesmaid…. It’s essential that you start your skin journey early.  It is advised to start as soon as possible; the longer we have before the big day, the better. It is not advised to treat you for the first time 2 weeks before the wedding (skin is a marathon, not a sprint!)

We need to see how you respond to treatment over time to yield the best results. I would advise starting your skincare journey at least 6 months before the big day (even earlier if you can). 

Design a home care routine

At Dermanude Skin Clinic in Hale, I will personally build you a medical-grade home-care plan that suits your skin type & concerns. It isn’t for you to go into a shop and try and decipher between the vast range of over-the-counter brands and varying products and ingredients; it can be overwhelming when trying to build yourself a homecare plan that suits your skin type and condition that’s why we make those decisions for you. I will build a plan with step-by-step instructions advising which products are best for you, when to use them, and how to layer them so that you get the absolute most from your investment. 

Medical-grade skincare is the term for specific products that are made to a higher standard than over-the-counter products. They contain active ingredients that have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on the skin. In clinic we use AlumierMD; Alumier’s clean science approach means being truthful and transparent about what is in their products and why. They commit to clean science to a meticulous standard by assessing the safety profile of every ingredient to consider dosage and exposure.

At-home products will also increase the efficacy of your in-clinic treatments. 

Build a treatment plan

During your consultation at Dermanude, we will discuss the end goal (the big day) and things such as upcoming social commitments, previous treatment, desired outcome, medical history, budget etc. Everyone is different, so it’s important that we build a plan to suit your needs.

I will analyse your skin & its condition and build you a plan that will be most beneficial to you. I will advise on pre & post-care and why the treatment I deliver will benefit you. 

The treatments available at Dermanude Skin Clinic in Hale, Manchester, offer to help you prepare for the big event include:

  • SkinPen Precision Microneedling 
  • AlumierMD Professional Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermalux LED Light Therapy 
  • Hydr02Facial 
  • Dermaplaning 
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening 
  • Fire & Ice Technologies
  • Oxygenation 
  • Electro Ion (Jowl & Eyebrow Tightening) 
  • Ultrasound Technology 

Follow advice

Listen to the professional advice you have been given; this way, you can use our time together to get the most from your investment and maximise your results:

  • Always follow pre & post care advice to the letter 
  • Advise me of any aesthetic treatments (injectables/lasers etc) you may be having so we can safely plan your treatments around them 
  • Don’t try any new products for a minimum of 1-month leading up to the big day 


Homecare and professional treatments aren’t the only factors to consider when starting your skin journey. Our skin works hard as a barrier to the harsh outside world, meaning factors such as stress,  an unhealthy lifestyle, and sunlight can damage our skin. 

However, there are a few things you can do to keep your skin looking radiant; other factors that contribute to healthy skin include: 

  • Consistently achieving 7-8 hours of sleep per night 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (healthy eating habits & hydration, hydration, hydration!)
  • Try to cut out any unhealthy habits (like smoking, for example)
  • Consider supplements that may heal the skin from within 
  • Manage stress levels 
  • Ensure you are always protected from both UVA & UVB rays with a broad-spectrum SPF (even when it’s raining) 

What next…

At Dermanude, we offer wedding packages that combine tailored homecare plans with bespoke professional treatments, discounts on AlumierMD Homecare Products, a free Alumier Homecare Products Goodie Bag and even discounts at wedding suppliers, all at a largely discounted price.

For more information or to book your free Wedding Package Consultation, please follow the below links.

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