Nutritional Dermatology at Dermanude Skin Clinic 

nutritional dermatology at Dermanude Skin Clinic, Altrincham

Did you know that about 60% of the UK population have had a skincare condition at some point in their life, and many individuals are worrying about skin ageing and wrinkle formation as early as their twenties. This means that your skincare practitioner needs to understand in depth about the internal and external factors that influence your skin. 

At Dermanude Skin Clinic we have embarked on a journey to understand how to successfully treat the skin/skin conditions within the clinic, but also how nutrition plays a role in skin health and how the ingredients found within our skincare products work. 

That’s why Tanya has recently completed her qualification to become an Advanced Skincare & Repair Nutritionist, allowing her to comprehensively treat a wide range of complex skin concerns, from the inside out. 

Nutritional Dermatology is the scientific field which investigates the use of dietary, food, hydration and supplementation strategies to support skin health. The combination of this approach with in-clinic treatments and medical grade homecare assists in the management of skin conditions, and the slowing down of skin ageing. 

Comprehensively treating the skin

Have you ever wondered whether the food you eat affects your skins appearance and health? 

The nutrients in our food play an instrumental role in supporting the development and regulation of the body’s processes, including the skin. The skin is the bodies largest organ and has multiple functions, our skin is constantly regenerating, which means that it needs building blocks to create these new skin cells and have them functioning optimally. Food is the source of these building materials, which means that nutrition plays an essential role in the health of our skin, hair and nails. 

Unfortunately, this can be overlooked when treating skin conditions, after years of working with a variety of clients and concerns, we have progressed to incorporating Nutritional Dermatology into our treatment plans, to enable us to further educate clients and provide them with the information and advice necessary to help them advance in their skincare journey. 

Nutrition, procedures and products  

Understanding the dietary and lifestyle factors that influence our skin health allows us to better understand the triggers and habits that may be directly related to the issues you are experiencing. This includes how hydration, macronutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics, alongside hormones, stress levels and sleep quality impact your skin health. Examining these factors whilst providing bespoke in clinic treatments and a tailored homecare programme using medical grade products ensures that we are tackling your concern in the most effective way possible. 

Tailored management plans

Throughout our training we have delved into what contributes to unwanted skin changes in relation to over 40 different skin conditions. We have developed management plans that will allow both the skincare practitioner, and the client, to better understand what factors may contribute to skin flare ups, and which habits, lifestyle choices, nutrients, and skincare ingredients will support long term skin health. 

If you are struggling with a skin concern and want to work with an Advanced Skincare & Repair Nutritionist, book your Skin Consultation to start your journey! 

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