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Bespoke Skin Treatments in Altrincham

What is a Bespoke Skin Treatment?

The Bespoke Skin Treatment allows us to analyse the skin & prescribe a treatment plan that is completely tailored to you, successfully tackling your specific concerns whilst being coached by an advanced skin specialists to reach your skin goals.

We will use this time to prescribe the best possible course of action for your skin type, concern, and condition. During your appointment you will receive one (or a combination at no additional cost) of the following treatments:

AlumierMD Professional Treatment & Chemical Peels 


Dermalux LED Phototherapy


Bespoke Skin Treatment FAQs

We prefer to discuss treatment options with clients in the clinic after skin analysis rather than you trying to decipher yourself online when booking. We will only ever prescribe treatment to a client if we feel it will truly benefit them and their skin.

We are here to provide our expertise, we will go through a thorough consultation process where we will get to the root of what you want to achieve from your professional treatments, and what the most successful, direct course of action will be, we will also provide a personalised home care plan free of charge.

If we feel that the best course of action is a SkinPen Precision Microneedling Treatment, we will advise. When booking you can opt for a consultation or consultation and your first treatment together in one appointment for convenience.

Your appointment will last around 1 hour & 15 minutes (this does not include consultation time for new clients).

The downtime involved depends on which treatment modalities have been prescribed during your appointment. If you have received one of the stronger chemical peels you can expect some dryness in the days following the appointment, however, AlumierMD Chemical Peels have been designed to peel on a microscopic level, meaning even the stronger strength peels have very little downtime and you can resume normal activities after 24 hours (it is advised to avoid makeup for 24 hours following your treatment).

After just one treatment you will see visible improvements in your skin.

If you have an inflammatory skin condition such as acne or rosacea, you may require a course of treatments, the number of treatments varies depending on the targeted skin concern and the client.

Treatments are advised to be done 4 weeks apart, for maintainable and optimal results.

You can see instant improvements in the skin, results will continue to develop depending on the strength of the prescribed treatment & the modalities we have used.

  • No AHA’s, BHA’s or Retinol 7 days before and after treatment.
  • No sunbeds or suntanning 14 days before and after treatment.
  • No self-tanner for 7 days before and after treatment.
  • No surgical procedures or other aesthetic treatments (such as Botox & Dermal Fillers) in the treatment area for 14 days before and after treatment.

Face & Neck- £145 

Face, Neck & Decollate- £160

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