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Not sure which treatment you’d like?

You can book a skin consultation through the above link. All individual consultations (60 minute consults-without same day treatment) come with complimentary use of our Digital Skin Analysis Device. It’s more beneficial to have your initial consultation, and then return for a treatment, as you may be placed on homecare for a short period before starting professional treatments.

However if you would like to have a treatment on the same day, but you are unsure which treatment you require, select “New Client Treatment” and the “Bespoke Skin Treatment”, this allows time for all treatment modalities. Please note that if you opt for a treatment the same day as consult, this gives us a reduced consultation time & will not include the digital skin analysis, that’s why it is always best to book a consultation first. 

*Price adjustments may apply if we opt for a different treatment on the day after skin analysis*

I look forward to seeing you! – Tanya x

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