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Poor scalp health is a major contributor to damaged and thinning hair. It affects more than 30% of the population and is a common cause of loss of confidence and stress. Dry skin, clogged follicles, dead skin cells, a lack of circulation can lead directly to thinner-looking hair. Healthy looking hair starts with a healthy scalp. HydraFacial Keravive is the first scalp treatment of it’s kind that uses a proprietary serum to target all aspects of scalp and hair follicle health and we are proud to be able to offer this treatment at the Dermanude Skin Clinic.

Keravive isn’t only beneficial for those who want to improve the health of their hair, its also designed to treat those suffering with inflammatory skin conditions of the scalp, such as eczema & psoriasis.

Real People, Real Results

Unretouched before and after photos following a series of Hydrafacial Keravive treatments and daily use of the Keravive Take-Home Spray. From left to right: client of Carissa Mendoza Hair Dressing after 4 months and client of Sikara Medspa after 1 treatment. Individual results may vary.

HydraFacial FAQs

If you’d like to enjoy a healthier scalp, then you’re a candidate. Many factors contribute to scalp health being less-than-optimal, and Keravive is for everyone. These factors include:

  • Frequent use of dry shampoo and heavy hair products
  • Those who suffer from breakouts in their hair line, usually a result of frequent sweaty workouts
  • Those who have spent a lot of time in the sun and as a result have a build up of dead skin on their scalp
  • Hormonal changes related to age, stress and pregnancy
  • Male pattern hormonal hair loss
  • Psoriasis and or eczema present on the scalp
  • Thinning hair

You’ll enjoy a pampering and relaxing scalp treatment utilizing the HydraFacial platform. The first step is cleansing and exfoliation of the scalp to remove dirt, oil and products from hair follicles. Then, we deliver growth factors and skin peptides using the HydraFacial platform to stimulate and nourish your scalp. We then give you a take-home HydraFacial scalp health product for you to use for 30 days (specifically designed for those experiencing hair loss/thinning).

Please be advised that a course of 3 treatments is advised 4 weeks apart, from there you can have maintenance appointments as and when you require them.

Partial Scalp

This treatment allows us to focus on areas of concern only rather than a full scalp cleanse & treat. We will assess your scalp and depending on your concern we will highlight the areas to be treated. When experiencing hair loss this is usually the parting, crown and the front of the scalp framing the face, where thinning is more common from hairstyles that cause tension.

Price per treatment:

Partial Scalp: £200

Price for a course of 3 (receiving a 10% discount when paid upfront): £540

Partial Scalp with the Hair Restoration Spray: £250

Price for a course of 3 (receiving a 10% discount when paid upfront): £675

Full Scalp

This treatment allows us to ensure that the full scalp is treated, this is ideal for clients who are experiencing thinning all-over. It is also best suited for clients with skin concerns on their scalp such as psoriasis & eczema. 

Price per treatment:

Full Scalp: £300

Price for a course of 3 (receiving a 10% discount): £810 

Full Scalp with the Hair Restoration Spray: £350

Price for a course of 3 (receiving a 10% discount): £945

Even with all the effort we put into our skincare routines, we often forget about the skin under our hair. The scalp is its own environment, or microbiome. When not properly cleansed and nourished, it often struggles with itching, flaking, hair thinning or loss, and sometimes even complete baldness.

Yes! It’s estimated that 85% of men and 50% of women experience hair loss, thinning, and poor scalp health. Factors that can play a role in this include post-partum stress, hormonal imbalances, chemical damage from hair coloring or other treatments, and build-up from styling products.

No, not at all. Keravive is a noninvasive, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Keravive achieves the best results when you receive a series—usually 3 treatments, spaced a month apart. In between, you use an exclusive take-home spray to boost your benefits.

Yes! Your provider may recommend Keravive to complement other hair restoration or scalp health treatments.

The Keravive treatment is designed for all scalp & hair types, including braids, extensions, locks, dyed hair, and more. Your provider or skincare professional may choose a specific type of treatment (partial or full scalp) to support your overall scalp and hair goals.

Depending on your personalized treatment experience (partial or full scalp), your Keravive treatment can vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

You’ll notice improvements in how your scalp and hair feels right away. And in studies, half of people receiving Keravive reported improvement in their hair fullness after just one treatment.

For best results, Keravive should be repeated—ideally 3 treatments over 3 months, with daily use of the take-home spray.

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Combat hair loss with HydraFacial Keravive at Dermanude Skin Clinic. 

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