iS Clinical, Pregnancy Care

IS Clinical’s skincare ethos comprises four steps: cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect, the extensive range offers products in each category for a variety of specific skin types. Using the highest-grade ingredients, from plant-derived acids, vitamins A to E, and stem cells to ceramides. These ingredients are combined to deliver the most notable results, battling a range of skin concerns whilst working to improving long term skin health. The iS Clinical products work through their active formulation that encourages the restoration of the skin through an acceleration of the natural processes of cell regeneration and exfoliation. The brand’s scientific approach is founded on the biological principle ofxenohormesis; the concept that stressed plants produce bioactive compounds, which pass on stress-resistance and survival benefits to the people who consume (or apply) them.Their mission is to “dispel the myths” in the skincare industry andproduce clinically proven formulations and results orientated products. Using state of the art technology and pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients, iS Clinical create skincare products to target and treat various skin complaints. The product range offers treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema, rosacea, as well as the signs of ageing.

Dermanude & iS Clinical partnership promoting inclusivity

Dermanude’s partnership with pharmaceutical grade skincare brand IS Clinical allows clients to receive results driven professional treatments & homecare products, with active ingredients at therapeutic dosages. A brand that promotes inclusivity, with their non-systemic formulations, allowing your skin specialist to successfully treat those who are pregnant, nursing or receiving treatment for cancer. At Dermanude it is important to us that we have a range that can allow us to assist clients consistently throughout their skincare journey, regardless of their change in circumstances or health. For those who are experiencing hormonal changes, or significant health concerns, we want to ensure that we are safely providing equal access to ingredients & treatments when they may otherwise be excluded, and for those who during that time, need it the most. IS Clinical is a brand that is consistently used by clients regardless of where they are on their skin & health care journey. 

iS Clinical Home Care FAQs

All iS Clinical cosmeceuticals are non-systemic and safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. This even includes the Retinol and Active Peel System.

Patients actively in treatment for cancer and afterwards have been using iS CANCER CARE regime-specific products successfully since 2003. We recommend following our iS CANCER CARE regime protocols in accordance with any recommendations from your health care provider.

iS CLINICAL products are not comedogenic. They do not contain pro-inflammatory oils or oxidized oils that worsen acne. There is a wide range of iS CLINICAL products, some of which are better for acne-prone skin than others. Consultation with a skin care professional is advised for the best recommendation for your unique skin type.

The simple answer- everyone! The products are not reserved just for those during pregnancy or receiving cancer care. Thousands of people use IS Clinical globally to successfully target their skin concerns, their inclusivity is just an added bonus! It is one of the leading pharmaceutical brands across the world.

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